Closure FAQ

As we’re entering our second COVID closure, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions so we’ll try to address them here. Feel free to reach out if you need help with these issues or any others.

I’m a member, what happens to me?

You should’ve received an email regarding your membership, if you did not, please consider using the change form to update your email address with us. All members were automatically frozen – with no freeze fee – on November 17th. You have the option to OPT-IN to paying dues to support your local gym. You could pay your normal monthly dues or any amount of your choice. We’ll charge your opt-in amount on the 20th of this month and billing will return to its normal day (16th) in December. You can find the opt-in form HERE

I reserved a climb time with a day pass or punch card, what happens to me?

Your reservation was canceled and a pass – or passes – for future climbing was place on your account. Once we re-open you’ll be able to use the pass to book as a Member/PC Holder.

I had a class booked, what happens to me?

The class was canceled and we ask that you call or email the gym to reschedule once we re-open.

I have a youth program or climbing team child, what happens to me/them?

We will prorate and charge dues for only the days attended this month. We will begin programs again as soon as we are able to, but will reach out before we bill again for those.

I’m not a member, but I want to help!

Consider buying a gift card. They can be purchased in any amount, used for any class, service, or retail item, and never expire. Gift cards can be purchased HERE