Redmond All Access Member Info

The 16th was the final billing through the Redmond facility

You have a membership that allows you to visit all locations, but originated at the Redmond gym. We are planning on terminating all Redmond-based “all access” memberships on the 15th of April unless instructed to do otherwise.

We would greatly appreciate it if everyone would fill out this form to handle all memberships in the smoothest way possible. 

Your options are:

  • Transfer membership to a new “home” gym (note which gym you prefer, Seattle or North)
  • Freeze membership ($7/ month)
  • Terminate membership
    • If you do not submit a form prior to closure we will automatically terminate all Redmond-based memberships on April 15th

As always, thank you so much for being part of our community. This is not the end of VW on the East side.

Please email with any questions.