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Mission Statement:
As a company we strive to provide the best customer service, route setting, music, and cleanliness to
our customers on a daily basis. We treat all customer interactions as if we are serving our friends or
family. We accomplish this by hiring employee associates who care about climbing and our customers
and provide them with the training and motivation to give great customer service.

We are currently hiring (click position for more info):


The management position at Vertical World involves a high level of responsibility in overseeing financial success of the business, operations of systems, leadership with staff, and a deep connection to the VW climbing community.

Below is an outline of some of the key responsibilities of the management position. A Manager must take responsibility for and address conflict resolution and problem solving situations at a high level. On a daily basis the Manager must be able to handle many issues at one time: Multi –tasking, and problem solving, all while displaying strong leadership skills and confidence to the staff. A manager is the filter for information flowing from other parts of the company. The position requires a high level of
organization, communication, and knowledge of systems in order to execute goals.


  • Have a high level of enthusiasm to provide the VW community and its staff with the best possible experiences
  • Be able to think with ingenuity and creativity to come up with solutions to problems quickly and with confidence
  • Be a loyal part of the VW family
  • Maintain a high level of risk management
  • Have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in the time necessary to set VW apart
  • Ability to hire, administer corrective action, fire, train, proctor reviews, keep accurate records of all staff members
  • Have excellent communication skills with the entire company from new hires to CEO
  • Ability to lead with confidence and demonstrate self-control in times of stress
  • Manage a dynamic schedule for a large group of employees
  • Be alert of all the needs of the facility, its customers, and its staff
  • Be able to maintain team spirit and morality of staff
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and take the initiative on projects that can better the facility
    Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Multiple years of experience working in climbing gyms
  • Previous leadership experience, preferably within the climbing industry
  • Understanding of the local climbing community
  • A deep passion for climbing
  • Experience with Rock Gym Pro

  • Salaried Position
  • Combined Sick Pay/PTO
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Industry Benefits – Pro deals, access to all Seattle area gyms, Spousal membership at VW, access to VW partner relationships
  • Retirement Plan – Simple IRA after two years of employment with up to 3% matching donation from VW
    To apply, please email resume and cover letter to: Bret Johnston


    The Head Instructor is to be in charge of all things in relation to classes and instruction for a Vertical World location in conjunction with the Regional Director of Instruction (RDI).

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Track class enrollment and communicate enrollment #s to RDI 
  • Facilitate, implement, and schedule new class offerings 
  • Regular check ins with RDI (at least quarterly) 
  • Train all in house staff on instruction techniques for VW classes 
  • Maintain outdoor gear and employee equipment 
  • Scheduling and teaching private instruction 
  • Keeps staff up to date on changes and or additions to the VW instructional programs 
  • Communicate with management and marketing coordinators about promoting classes in need of marketing 
  • Promptly respond to all email and other communications from clientele or VW staff 
  • Communicate with Head Instructors at other VW locations for consistency of teaching practices and offerings 
  • Observes and evaluates instructors teaching classes 
  • Creates and keeps instructor records current and up to date 
  • Perform annual reviews for instructors in conjunction with manager 
  • Check website and in-house schedule to ensure schedule is consistently represented 

    Preferred Experience:

  • Previous rock gym employment
  • Experience with Rock Gym Pro software
  • Experience with climbing instruction with climbers of all abilities and ages
  • Wide range of climbing skills knowledge
  • Ability to lead climbing and comfortably build and clean anchors
    Preferred Skills:

  • Self-motivated and able to act independently  
  • High level of organization and attention to detail 
  • Great communication skills 
  • Ability to deal with difficult circumstances with a positive attitude 
  • Intimate knowledge of climbing instruction, training, and technical access methods

    Pay depends on Experience.
    To apply, please email resume and cover letter to: Mattie Wheeler


    The job of a Routesetter is to deliver the primary product consumed by Vertical World clientele – climbing. It is the duty of a VW Routesetter to consistently produce industry leading routes and boulders at any given VW location. Routesetters report directly to each facilities Head Routesetter or Gym Manager.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Setting 2-5 days a week (Depends on full time or part time)
  • Show up on time and ready to work
  • Be an active part of a motivating and positive setting environment
  • Execute any tasks or goals from Head Setter or Gym Manager
  • Keep up to date with training material from Head Setter
  • Executing tasks in a timely manner
  • Meet efficiency and quality expectations of Head Setter
  • Maintain a clean work space
  • Keep climbing wall surfaces and equipment up to VW and manufacturer standards
  • Set for competitions and events at VW
  • Any other tasks that are delegated from Head Setter or Gym Manager
    Preferred Experience and Abilities:

  • Previous commercial setting experience
  • Ability to set 2-3 rope routes and 5-10 boulders in a day
  • High access rope skills
  • Self-motivated, hard-working, and able to act independently
  • Previous experience working in an environment where feedback/constructive criticism is welcomed and desired
  • Ability to deal with difficult circumstances with a positive attitude
  • Competition experience and USAC certification

    This is a full time OR part time hourly position and pay is dependent on experience, but ranges from $18-$22+ per hour.
    Benefits Include:

  • Combined Sick/PTO accrual
  • Free VW membership
  • Access to industry pro deals
  • Access to all Seattle area gyms (If full time)
  • Health care and dental once full time for 60 days (If full time)
  • Retirement plan after 2 years employment earning at least $5,000 per year
  • Setter gear provided by VW
  • Setter shoe program from Scarpa
    Intangible Benefits:

  • Access to high level routesetting mentorship
  • Lots of opportunities to set high level championship events
  • Lots of opportunities to work with and set for high level youth and adult competitors
  • Awesome access to outdoor climbing and other outdoor activities ;)
  • A relaxed environment that encourages climbing outside, travel, comp setting and route setter development
    Please Email Bret with cover letter and resume to apply.


    The front desk sets the tone of the customer experience at Vertical World Climbing Gyms. It is the goal of the front desk employee to make everyone that walks through the door feel at home and comfortable. This outstanding customer service must be paired with unwavering customer qualification and risk management. Blending those three entities is the core value and measure of success of a front desk worker. Along with these principles a front desk employee should be a flexible, energetic individual, who thrives in an active work environment and is willing to get any job done.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • Customer interactions
      • Communicating policies, procedure, safety requirements and enforcing all gym policies
      • Providing in depth customer tours of facility
    • Customer qualification
      • Belay checks
      • Lead checks
      • Provide activity specific orientations based on customer experience/qualifications
    • Risk management and floor supervision
    • In depth knowledge of gym offerings
    • Cleanliness of facility
      • Including but not limited to mats, equipment, surfaces, retail, etc.
      • Maintain climbing equipment such as ropes, route, tags, holds
    • Providing general instruction of climbing and climbing equipment in a fun and informative fashion
    • Restocking retail area
    • Assist in groups, events, and youth programs


  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Self-motivated and able to act independently  
  • Previous customer service and sales experience
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities
  • Ability to deal with difficult circumstances with a positive attitude 
  • Great working ability in a family environment
  • Must be a competent experience climber
  • First aid and CPR certifications (can be completed after hire date)
    To apply, please email a resume and climbing resume to: Bret


    Vertical World is now hiring Youth Program (YP) Instructors. Instructors teach rock climbing classes and camps to students that range from 3 to 17 years old. Throughout the year there are multiple offerings a YP instructor may be involved in like: Regular yearlong programs, day camps, school break camps, summer camps, and summer programs to name a few. YP staff are responsible stewards that help prepare VW’s next generation of climbers. The available positions are for summer programs and longer-term employment is based on availability and scheduling of fall programs. Hours per week range from 2-12 hours.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Create and implement age-appropriate lesson plans for students
  • Create an appropriate balance of risk management, technical skill, and fun in each class
  • Work in cooperation with co-instructors
  • Track student progress and ensure students are going through all necessary processes to use gym equipment
  • Manage diverse abilities and interest levels within each class
  • Other duties or tasks delegated by Manager or Programs Coordinator

  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Self-motivated and able to act independently
  • Previous top rope belay experience
  • Able to commit to consistent schedule
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities
  • Ability to deal with difficult circumstances with a positive attitude
  • Great working ability in a family environment
  • First aid and CPR certified
    Preferred Skills:

  • Experience teaching climbing
  • Previous outdoor climbing experience
  • Lead climbing experience

  • Free VW membership
  • Free access to all Seattle area gyms (if full time)
  • Access to industry pro deals
  • Combined Sick/PTO hours
  • Other benefits with long term employment
    To apply, please email resume and climbing resume to: Redmond Programs

    Vertical World is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Here at Vertical World, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive and welcoming community in our facilities.